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OM2300 Series OEM Pointing Device RFQ Form

OM2300 Series OEM Pointing Device

NEMA 4 (IP66) OEM OrbitalMouse® (Button Style Mouse Pointers)

  • NEMA 4 (IP66) OEM Pointing Device
  • OrbitalMouse® Pointing Device

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    Industrial Pointing Device Information and Options

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    Describe any extraordinary Installation/Removal Requirements:
    Ex. 1) The pointing device will be mounted on a vertical wall. Ex. 2) The pointing device needs to be easily
    plugged/unplugged into a panel that constantly requires cleaning with harsh chemicals and water.

    Environment of Usage
    Indoor Outdoor Other:

    Operating Temperature
    (-40°C to 0°C) (0°C to +40°C) (+40°C to +80°C) Other:

    Hazardous Substances
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    Liquids   Water Oil Grease Bio-Hazard Chemical Other:            
    Solids   Dirt Dust Food Bio-Hazard Chemical Other:            
    High Emission Signal EMI RFI Specifics :

    Will the Industrial Pointing Device be subjected to Vibrations?:
    Mobile applications subject pointing devices to high vibrations such as airplanes, helicopters, marine vessels, trucks, etc.
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    Ex. 1) The pointing device will be used to outline anatomical images from medical x-ray scans in a hospital.
    Ex. 2) The pointing device will be used as a mouse cursor control for sizing targets onboard a Marine vessel.

    Will the Operator of the Industrial Pointing Device be using gloves? Yes No
    Heavy/Thick Flexible/Thin Other:

    Operating System:
    Windows Solaris Unix Real-Time Other:

    Communication Interface*:
    USB PS/2 Microsoft Serial Mouse Protocol Other:

    Cable Length

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    No Green LED Red LED Other:(ex.NVIS)

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