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Custom Design Keyboard

KIT20X0 Industrial Keyboard

NEMA 12 (IP54) Industrial Keyboards w/ 2.0" (50mm)Trackball

The KIT20X0 was a full travel industrial keyboard, with 101/104 key functionality.
This rugged keyboard is sealed to NEMA 12 (IP54) with a molded, replaceable polyurethane seal, and are combined with our high reliability trackball mouse pointer. The 2.0" (50mm) diameter trackball has a formed Teflon sealing ring in a metal collar, redundant photo-detectors and hardened stainless steel shafts; making it very durable and precise.

This ergonomic keyboard offered a high reliability trackball mouse pointer, and were available in anodized aluminum enclosures, which come standard with a gasket sealed bottom plate, rubber feet and sealed threaded holes for optional mounting to any work surface with just two screws.

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C2000 Series Custom Switch
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