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Medical / Cleanroom Devices

Hygienic Medical Keyboards

CTI' hygienic medical keyboards include the OEM KI6800 and KIO7800 series and the Plug-n-Play KI6000, KIF6000, KIO7000, and KIT6000 series cleanroom keyboards. Designed to minimize bio-hazardous transmissions the parylene coated surfaces resist fungal, bacterial, viral, or chemical penetration. The NEMA 4 (IP66) sealed hygienic keyboard is safe for decontamination of infectious particles using commercial grade germicides, chlorine bleach, chemical sterilizing agents, or gas autoclave. CTI's hygienic medical keyboards are the absolute ultimate in healthcare safety protection.

OEM KI68U6Mini OEM Keyboard Image OEM KI78U6Mini OEM Keyboard Image OEM KIO7000Mini Industrial Keyboard Image

Plug-n-Play KI6000Mini Industrial Keyboard Image Plug-n-Play KIF66U6-NxMini Industrial Keyboard Image Plug-n-Play KIT6000Mini Industrial Keyboard Image

Medical Mouse Pointing Devices

The CTI medical mouse pointer is offered as an OEM F10U6-NxW and F60U6-NxW series and Plug-n-Play M20U6-NxW series hygienic cleanroom mouse pointing device. These NEMA 4X (IP66) watertight medical mouse pointing devices are designed to withstand repeated rigorous cleaning with harsh antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, or chemical solvents. The ultimate goal is the total reduction in fomite transmission with proper disinfection or sterilization which is vital to the prevention of nosocomial infections. Clinical staff will feel confident and secure using this hygienic cleanroom mouse knowing that it has a parylene coating protection.

OEM F10U0-N24WF10U6-N24 Medical Pointing Device Image OEM F60U6-N33WM20U6-N3 Medical Pointing Device Image Plug-n-Play M20U6-N2WM20U6-N2 Medical Pointing Device Image Plug-n-Play M20U6-N3WM20U6-N3 Medical Pointing Device Image


Medical / Cleanroom Joysticks (Analog Interface)

Original Equipment Manufacturers can now design medical / cleanroom devices with the OEM F1000-NxW series analog medical joystick. This NEMA 4 (IP66) o-ring sealing medical joystick has a white FDA silicone boot and white knob for easy detection of contaminants and/or debris. The parylene coating provides an absolute impermeable barrier protection at the molecular level to all germs, pathogens, or toxic chemicals. The inductive technology used in the medical joystick makes it the most reliable and durable joystick with a mean time between failure (MTFB) exceeding 100,000 hours. CTI' medical joystick is the preferred choice when reliability is critical™ to the success of your medical / cleanroom device.

OEM F1000-N2WF1000-N2 Medical Joystick Image OEM F1000-N24WF1000-N24 Medical Joystick Image OEM F1000-N3WF1000-N3 Medical Joystick Image OEM F1000-N33WF1000-N33 Medical Joystick Image

Motion Control for Medical Applications (USB Interface)

The Medical Motion Controller using CTI' USB FlightStick technology is a USB HID Compliant Game Control device. The OEM F10U6T-NxW and F60U6T-NxW series is the perfect control solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers of medical devices. The Plug-n-Play NEMA 4X (IP66) water resistant M20U6T-NxW series offers the Systems Integrator a convenient handheld medical motion controller. The parylene coating on these USB motion controllers offers the toughest molecular barrier protection ensuring an impenetrable surface to bio-hazardous agents.

OEM F10U0T-N24WF10U6T-N24 Medical Motion Controller Image OEM F60U6T-N33WOEM F60U6T-N33 Medical Motion Controller Image Plug-n-Play M20U6T-N2WM20U6T-N2 Medical Motion Controller Image Plug-n-Play M20U6T-N3WM20U6T-N3 Medical Motion Controller Image

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