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Industrial Trackball Mouse Pointers

OEM Industrial Trackball NEMA 12 (IP54)

CTI’s industrial trackballs are rugged input devices designed with a precision ground ball, protected by a formed Teflon seal in an anodized aluminum collar, rolling on ground, hardened stainless steel shafts that are supported by aerospace grade (ABEC 7) shielded bearings. The encoder discs are micro-etched metal, and together with redundant photo-transistor electronics provide very high encoder counts, while eliminating sensitivity to LED aging; which is a typical cause of trackball failures in inferior designs. These industrial trackballs are ideally suited for use in harsh environments, military vehicles, aircraft, and medical instrumentation.

OEM Trackball Mouse Pointers

Industrial OEM Trackball Category Image

Panel Mount Industrial Trackball NEMA 12 (IP54)

CTI manufactures a complete family of high reliability industrial trackballs which are the finest OEM and Panel Mount input devices used as industrial computer mouse pointers. These industrial trackballs are rugged input devices and have been in service for over 2 decades without the need for repair; due to the quality of the materials used.

They feature formed Teflon sealing rings in a metal collar for spill resistance, aerospace grade stainless-steel bearings, dual-redundant photo-transistors and precision high count encoders. These industrial trackballs are in service in military, aerospace, process control, medical and other critical applications.

Panelmount Trackball Mouse Pointers

Industrial Panel Mount Trackball Category Image
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