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CTI's Industrial Computer Peripherals

Industrial Keyboards

CTI Electronics – known worldwide as the trusted source for top-of-the-line industrial computer peripherals - designs and builds the most reliable, rugged, NEMA 4 (IP66) and NEMA 12 (IP54) sealed keyboards for use in wet, harsh environments, or critical application. These ruggedized keyboards are available without mouse pointers, or with CTI's rugged, drift-free Industrial Mouse™, OrbitalMouse®, or ArrowMouse™ mouse pointers.

CTI's industrial keyboards are available as Plug-n-Play keyboards, rack mounted keyboards, panel mounted keyboards, and OEM keyboards. CTI Electronics also specializes in custom keyboards, illuminated keyboards, and medical keyboards.

Stages of Manufacture
OEM KeyboardsMini OEM Keyboard Image Panel Mount KeyboardsMini Panel Mount Keyboard Image Industrial KeyboardsMini Industrial Keyboard Image Rackmount KeyboardsMini Rackmount Keyboard Image

Medical / Cleanroom and Backlit / Illuminated
Medical / Cleanroom KeyboardsMini Medical Keyboard Image Backlit / Illumminated KeyboardsMini Backlit Keyboard Image

Industrial Pointing Devices

Industrial Mouse™ pointers from CTI Electronics are the perfect solution for applications requiring rugged, NEMA 4 (IP66) or NEMA 12 (IP54) sealed mouse pointers. The industrial joystick version of CTI's Industrial Mouse™ is available as a mouse pointer or a USB FlightStick®. The OrbitalMouse® and ArrowMouse™ button style mouse pointers are low profile, have excellent tactile response, and provide waterproof sealing.

CTI's industrial pointing devices are available as desktop pointing devices, handheld pointing devices, panel mounted pointing devices, and OEM pointing devices. CTI Electronics also specializes in illuminated pointing devices and custom pointing devices.

Stages of Manufacture
OEM Pointing DevicesMini OEM Pointing Device Image Panel Mount Pointing DevicesMini Panel Mount Pointing Device Image Industrial Pointing DevicesMini Plug-n-Play Pointing Device Image

Medical / Cleanroom and Backlit / Illuminated

Medical / Cleanroom Pointing DevicesMini Medical Pointing Device Image Backlit / Illumminated Pointing DevicesMini Backlit / Illuminated Pointing Device Image

Industrial Analog Joysticks

CTI's industrial joysticks are extremely precise, highly reliable, rugged, and drift-free range of industrial computer peripherals that are perfect for use in harsh environments, precision instruments, and restricted spaces. All of CTI's industrial joysticks feature a non-contacting design, which ensures a much longer lifespan than other types of joysticks.

These OEM industrial joysticks are available with or without pushbuttons. CTI's single axis and 2 axes models are NEMA 4 (IP66) sealed, while the 3 axis models are NEMA 12 (IP54) sealed. CTI Electronics also specializes in custom joysticks for all applications.

Stages of Manufacture
F-Series JoysticksMini F-Series Analog OEM Joystick Image L-Series JoysticksMini L-Series Analog OEM Joystick Image H-Series JoysticksMini H-Series Analog OEM Joystick Image

Medical / Cleanroom

Medical JoysticksMini Medical Analog OEM Joystick Image

Industrial Trackball Mouse Pointers

CTI Electronics offers a high reliability industrial trackballs. These rugged and sealed industrial computer peripherals are available as trackball mouse pointers, or with quadrature output.

CTI's industrial trackballs have been in service for over 2 decades without the need for repair; due to the quality of the materials used. CTI's industrial trackballs are available as desktop mouse pointers, panel mounted industrial trackballs (quadrature) and trackball mouse pointers, and OEM industrial trackballs. These industrial trackballs are in service in military, aerospace, process control, medical and other critical applications.

Stages of Manufacture
OEM TrackballsMini OEM Trackball Image Panel Mount TrackballsMini Panel Mount Trackball Image

Industrial Motion Controllers

These rugged NEMA 4X (IP66) sealed analog controllers from CTI Electronics are designed for use as an operator interface in industrial environments for precision motion control of numerous analog devices including DC motor control, Stepper Motors, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), etc.

Stages of Manufacture
OEM Motion ControllersMini OEM Industrial Motion Controller Image Panel Mount Motion ControllersMini Panel Mount Industrial Motion Controller Image Industrial Motion Controllers (USB)Mini Industrial Motion Controller Image Industrial Motion Controllers (Analog)Mini Industrial Motion Controller Image

Standard and Custom Industrial Sealed Switches

CTI's NEMA 4 (IP66) sealed switches are an ideal choice for industrial and medical applications. A variety of standard switches are available, ranging from single button, three-button and three-button with LEDs. In addition, CTI offers unlimited custom screen printing capabilities and custom-designed switches to suit your unique application's every need.

Stages of Manufacture
Industrial SwitchesMini Standard Switch Image Custom SwitchesMini Custom Switch Image

CTI Electronics Custom Design

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