Plug-n-Play Industrial Rugged Keyboard Data Sheets

KI6000 Industrial Keyboard

Rugged Industrial Keyboard Product Data Sheets New Product Data Sheets for CTI’s Plug-n-Play Industrial Keyboards KI6000 Product Data Sheet (PDF) KIF6000 Product Data Sheet (PDF)  KIF8000-NX Product Data Sheet (PDF) KIF9000-NX  Product Data Sheet (PDF) KIO6000 Product Data Sheet (PDF) KIO7000 Product Data Sheet (PDF) KIT2700 Product Data Sheet (PDF) KIT6000 Product Data Sheet (PDF)…

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Plug-n-Play Industrial Keyboard Comparison

Plug-n-Play Industrial Keyboard CTI designs and manufactures industrial grade computer peripherals for use in the most rugged environments. Pictured below are charts comparing the different industrial keyboard models being offered by CTI Electronics. These NEMA 4/4X (IP66) / NEMA 12 (IP54)  keyboards are designed for use in wide range of industrial environments…

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